“Your personal brand serves as your best protection against business factors you can’t control.”
~ Dan Schawbel

Many people get stuck on coming up with the perfect logo, but in reality, there is more value in an effective overall feel rather than a single graphic logo. Your clients will be more concerned with the quality of service and a personal fit.

In the very beginning, don’t worry about coming up with the perfect image unless the perfect image happens to find you. As you begin your work, your branding will evolve. Once you have solidified your practice, if you really want a graphic logo, you can create one then.

I recommend waiting until you have been seeing clients consistently for at least 6 to 12 months before you invest big money on graphic design. And there is nothing to stop you from sketching ideas along the way.

Ideas are free!

That said, it is beneficial to have some type of self contained graphic element that you can use to brand your materials, this is referred to as a “Wordmark”. A really simple (and free) way to do that is using one or two of the fonts you have chosen, arranging your business name in a way that feels visually appealing and VOILA – instant logo.

If you want to get a graphic logo created, there are many sites where you can get graphic designers to bid for the job. Examples of such sites are 99designs.com or Odesk.com. Another common one that people use is fiverr.com to produce graphic design, but in general you get what you pay for. Although sometimes you can luck out with a $5 design, it isn’t always the highest quality and often the designs are plagiarized.  Use that one at your own risk.

Tips for creating a graphic logo:

1) Keep it simple

Most of the strongest visual logos are simple designs.

2) Make sure it’s scalable

You need to make sure that the logo still reads well when it’s made bigger or smaller. Too much fine detail becomes lost if it is reduced in size.

3) Make sure the logo/graphic can still be understood in grey scale

Even if you decide to do a coloured logo, much of the time it will be printed in black and white. Make sure it still can be seen without the coloured aspects. This is where creating a logo (and a brand in general) in a limited colour scheme is helpful.