Print Marketing Materials

Whether people like it or not, my marketing thought is
if you keep something in front of people for too long, they get used to it.
~ Shahrukh Khan

Nowadays, the majority of marketing seems to happen in-person or online, but there is still a need to have some printed marketing materials to support you in these efforts.

Business Cards

Until you have your branding sorted out, I recommend using the business card paper stock that you print from home at somewhere like Staples or Office Depot, instead of purchasing a large order of business cards. Your brand should be consistent across all of your marketing, and if you haven’t landed in a solid place brand-wise, these things will be in flux. If you are ready to get cards printed, I usually recommend only putting the city where you practice instead of your address if you are renting office space. You don’t go through business cards as fast as you think, and you will probably move before the box runs out.

Always make sure to keep your cards with you, even if you are just out and about doing personal errands. You never know when there may be an opportunity to inform someone about the work you do.


You may or may not decide to use flyers for marketing. Again consider your client and where they may hear about you. For instance, if you are targeting clients via doctors offices, it may be helpful to have a flyer you could leave in the waiting rooms so people can find you there.

Make sure you think about the purpose of the flyer and tailor accordingly. If it doesn’t have a purpose – don’t do it. Try to make it useful to the client and not just selling your services. You may want to educate clients about an area of concern or a specific type of treatment, for example – Five Tips for Managing Anxiety. Try to make it something they would want to take with them. Make sure you have links to your website and ways they can contact you, and try to keep it as simple as possible. Make sure to have your picture on it.


Again consider your client and where they might be. A poster may be appropriate to advertise your practice, but most likely you would use these if you are doing a talk or a workshop.

Make sure to have your picture on it as well and cover all pertinent information about what you are advertising. Include information about your website and how they can contact you. If done in black and grey-tone ink, printing on coloured paper will stand out on a message board.

Letters of Introduction

You might consider drafting a letter to send to other therapists or other professionals in your area, introducing you and your practice. If you do, include a few flyers and business cards in this mailout. I don’t recommend just doing a mass mailout. Take the time to target recipients.


As mentioned earlier in the program, a professional looking headshot is a must! It will show up on most of your marketing materials. Invest in a good photo.