Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
~ Benjamin Franklin

Writing articles is a quick way to get your name and message out to clients, colleagues, and community.

You can accomplish this in a variety of ways:

Newspaper or Magazine Articles

Consider what newspapers and magazines your clients or people that influence your clients are reading. Investigate how you would submit an article (often easier to do for online news or magazines).

Alternatively, you can get interviewed by someone who is writing for these publications. For example, you can see an article I was interviewed for in Alive Magazine HERE.

If you don’t already have connections to a writer, a way to connect to reporters in need of sources is through this website – Help a Reporter Out

Write for other therapists or strategic alliances

We mentioned last week about writing your own blog last week. However, you can also write for other therapists blogs who have different specialties but share common clients or for professionals in complementary industries. You can create a trade of services so you can capitalize on each others networks and provide value for each others clients, and businesses.

Action Item: In your journal, create a list of topics that you would feel comfortable writing about and consider the best ways to share those articles with the public.