30 Second Introduction

To me, we’re marketing hope.
~ Joel Osteen

In private practice, you need to be able to quickly introduce yourself and your business in less than 30 seconds.

If it takes you longer than 30 seconds to state what you do, who you work with, and potentially how you do it, you haven’t gotten down to the real core of your work. The more confidently and concisely you can introduce your practice, the more likely someone is to remember you in the future. And your introduction should be tailored to your audience and to the type of business you are hoping to attract.

Business Tip: Unless it is someone that already knows you, make sure you use your full name when introducing yourself, so the person doesn’t end up telling someone “I met this great therapist, her name was Amanda . ? .”

Use the following script to create your own 30 second introduction

My name is (name) and I am a (designation/ job title) with a private practice in (location) and I (specialize in/work with/ focus on etc) (areas of speciality).

I (verb – inspire, empower, support, help, facilitate, educate, motivate etc) (who – ideal clients) who are (struggling with, concerned with, focusing on etc) (insert major pain point) to (describe transformation) and (outcome) OR I (verb) (ideal clients) to (transformation) so they can (outcome) and (outcome)

Here are some examples of 30 second introductions that I use in various settings depending on what hat I’m wearing at the time. Again these are just examples.

My name is Constance (Lynn Hummel), and I am a Psychotherapist (and Business Strategist – depending on the audience) with a private practice in downtown Vancouver. (then one of the following or a combination of two depending on the audience and the context)

1) I empower counsellors and therapists to take charge of their private practices so they can confidently build income, freedom and create authentic businesses that reflect their values.

2) I empower (professionals/Adult Children of Alcoholics/people struggling in their relationships) to recognize the patterns that have kept them stuck, while creating stronger boundaries and healthier relationships with themselves and others.

3) I help counselling graduate students identify strengths and areas for growth so they can enter into their practicums with more confidence and a greater awareness of clinical goals.

4) I inspire individuals who are searching for a more fulfilling work experience to become aware of their true inner desires so they can honestly and authentically choose careers that reflect their values and priorities.

Action Item: Create the scripting for your own 30 Second Introduction and a) post it in the group and, b) practice it with five people. Get used to saying the words. You want this to flow naturally and less like a structured script.