Worry Free Money for Therapists with Certified Financial Planner, Shannon Lee Simmons

I am so excited to share this interview with you. Shannon is my go-to lady for all things financial, one of the experts interviewed in my Private Practice Bootcamp Expert Library and someone I am proud to call a friend. Her new best-selling book, Worry-Free Money: The guilt-free approach to managing your money and your life Worry Free Money: The Guilt-Free Approach to Managing your Money and your Life, is a breathe of fresh air and so applicable for therapists and wellness practitioners, personally, professionally and clinically.

Money is connected to so many things – self worth, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, power, privilege, status, recognition, access to resources, old stories and limiting beliefs, among so many others. These are the stories that walk through the doors of our offices everyday.  If we, as therapists, have not addressed our own money issues and shy away from this topic, it can impact our businesses, it can impact our sessions, and it can impact the way we work with clients. This book provides a framework for conversation and a holistic approach to finances that can be utilized by therapists, individuals, couples and families.  

Worry Free Money will not make you a money expert (refer to trained financial advisors if clients need support in this way) but instead the book may help you feel more comfortable having difficult conversations about money and learn new ways to explore the financial decision-making process across the lifespan with clients. Obviously I’m biased because I love this woman (as you will see by me grinning like a fool throughout the entire interview), however, I only recommend what I truly believe in. I highly recommend this book for anyone helping people navigate the complicated emotions connected to money.

Below we spend the first 30min talking about the book and how it can be used by therapists.  In the second half, Shannon answers the most frequent questions I hear from colleague and clients about finances, business structure and taxes. 

About Shannon Lee Simmons:

Shannon is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), media personality, personal finance expert, financial literacy advocate, founder of the New School of Finance™. and Author of Worry Free Money: The Guilt-Free Approach to Managing your Money and your Life.Worry-Free Money: The guilt-free approach to managing your money and your life She loves helping everyday people survive the new economic climate through personal finance, ethical investing and small business advice. Simmons is widely recognized as a trailblazer in the Canadian financial planning industry and an expert in Millennial personal finances and the digital world and it’s relationship to our money. She was named one of Canada’s Top 30 Under 30 and she recently won the 2014 Notable Award for Best In Finance. She is a regular financial expert on CTV News and also appears as a financial expert in the media, a regular contributor for Toronto Star’s Money Makeover and BBC Capital and host of Coral TV’s Money Awesomeness. Check out her money show here!