Want to Expand your Current Practice?

Do you have an existing practice that isn’t flourishing or never really seemed to get off the ground? 

Have you hit a plateau and want to grow or expand your practice so you can really make the most impact for you and your clients?

Often we can’t see the big picture when we’re standing in the frame.  When we are up close and personal with our practice, it can be hard to see new possibilities and what is and isn’t working.  

An outside perspective can highlight your existing strength, challenges, and new opportunities to do this incredible work in ways that fits your life today. 

Common reasons therapists with existing practices choose to consult with me include:

  • Exploring a personalized marketing plan to grow your practice
  • Reviewing your business plan to be more realistic and efficient
  • Improving your website to attract your ideal clients
  • Brainstorming a free talk or workshop to expand the reach of your work
  • Revising your branding so its more consistent and compelling 
  • Exploring pros and cons of adding associates, online programs, and and creating plans for other new services to an existing practice
  • Plus much more…


Consider the following options to support your current private practice journey:

The Private Practice Bootcamp program is like an MBA for Therapists. In this 3 month on-demand online program we dive deep into all aspects of building and growing your private practice. Regardless of whether you are just in the planning phase, already launched, or revamping an existing practice, this program will systematically walk you through everything you need to know, and what you need to have in place to run a thriving business – plus show you how to do it! 

This is the same process I go through with my businesses every year to keep them streamlined and successful. Bi-monthly live group Q&A calls mean you also still get your personal questions addressed.


Individual Strategy sessions allow us to dive deep into your personal circumstances and address your specific concerns, questions, or challenges as you build your private practice business plan.

If you are in the planning stages or the early days of launching your practice, or are struggling to gain traction with your existing practice, you may benefit by starting with either the workshop intensive or the bootcamp and then book a strategy session so you’ll have a clearer vision of what is and isn’t working in your current plan. I find doing one of the trainings alongside individual strategy sessions helps create even more clarity, growth, and momentum.

Curious about how we could work together? Email me at connect@TheBusinessOfHelping.com.