Considering Private Practice?

Congratulations! Exploring your options and coming up with an intentional plan is a courageous (and smart) first step.


It’s also a step that most people skip when it comes to building a private practice…


Whether you are a new graduate (or just about there), or an experienced practitioner looking to create new ways to sustain yourself and your clients, the first step is always coming up with a plan and having a vision for where you’re going.

People consider private practice for lots of different reasons:


    • Struggling to find work in an existing agency?
    • Working but not satisfied with someone else’s mandate?
    • Looking for ways to create a more sustainable income for you and your family?
    • Hungry for a new challenge?
    • Wanting more freedom to create your own opportunities!  


Running a therapy private practice can be a rewarding way to work with who you want, how you want, while making a living that can sustain you and your ideal lifestyle along the way.

However, running your own private practice is like any other business. It requires a plan for what we can plan, and the ability to tolerate uncertainty for the rest (just like all the fun stuff in life!)

Before you decide to make the leap into your own counselling private practice business, learn more about what running a practice is all about. 

Let’s make sure the reality of running a business fits with your vision of the future, and then let’s create a plan to get you there.


To discover if private practice is right for you, consider these two options:

How to Set up and Grow a Private Practice - Online Workshop - Group or Personal options available

I highly recommend this as a first place to start.

This on-demand workshop covers all the in’s and out’s for what you need to start and grow a successful private practice (and it’s the most cost effective way to begin).

Even if your situation is unique or you have already started aspects of your practice, this workshop will help you conceptualize your practice and business plan in a way that will showcase what you’re already doing well, and highlight any gaps we need to address. If/when you decide to connect for an individual strategy session, we can then hit the ground running with this knowledge in hand.

Personal Strategy Sessions - 60min / 90min


Individual Strategy sessions allow us to dive deep into your personal circumstances and address your specific concerns, questions, or challenges as you build your private practice business plan.

If you are in the planning stages or the early days of launching your practice, or are struggling to gain traction with your existing practice, I HIGHLY recommend that you choose the personalized “How to Set up and Grow a Private Practice” online workshop option, which includes the workshop PLUS either a 60min or 90min individual session so you can get the most momentum.  

Can’t decide? Email and we can look at options.