Considering Private Practice?

You’ve got your training (or are almost there). What’s next for you?

  • Struggling to find work in an existing agency?
  • Working but not satisfied with someone else’s mandate?
  • Looking for a new challenge?
  • Figuring out your options?

Creating your own opportunities?  

Running your own practice can be a rewarding way to work with the clients you want to work with, how you want to work with them, while making a living that sustains you and your lifestyle along the way.

However, running your own private practice is like any other business. It requires a structured plan and has a certain amount of risk.

Before you decide to make the leap, learn more about what running a practice is all about. See if it fits with your vision of your future.

To discover if private practice is right for you, consider these two options:

Can’t decide? Email me at and we can look at options.