A simple way to make a difference and take a stand for equality is through respectful and accurate representation online. If you choose to use pictures of people on your website or blog posts, using pictures that accurately represent the world and our diverse clients can be a small tangible action. Although there are many photos available for free from various general stock photography sites (see this post for a list of free sites and for why you shouldn’t use google images to find photos), these photos can sometimes be stigmatizing and full of stereotypes. May I present Exhibit A – 20 Pictures of Lesbians According to Stock Photography 

Good inclusive stock photos can be really hard to find! 

I did a search and below is a list of 15 stock photography sites that appear to be inclusive and/or authentically representative of different populations, most of which are normally forgotten or mis-represented in traditional stock photography sites. Some are free, some have a cost to use. If you know of any not listed, please forward them so they can be added. 


Inclusive and Diverse Stock Photography Sites


Aboriginal Stock Images – A collection of photos, videos, and illustrations depicting Aboriginal life in Canada

Native Stock Pictures – Comprehensive image collection on Native American First Nations Cultures

GenderBlend from Getty Images – A collection featuring non-gender conforming individuals, transgendered individuals and individuals in non-traditional gender roles.

LeanIn from Getty Images – A collection featuring individuals of all genders in non-traditional gender roles.

CreateHER Stock – Authentic Stock images featuring Women of Color by Women of Color

Color Stock – Images of Black, Asian, Latinx, and other ethnically-diverse people at work and at play, reflecting their nuanced lives in realistic ways. All genders.

Blend Images – Offers great selection of photos for People of Colour and all genders including those who are non-gender conforming.

Picnoi – Diverse multi-racial images for Women of Colour available for free.

Disability Images – Positive lifestyle stock photography containing authentic people with real disabilities.

FotoArabia – Middle Eastern and Arabic Themed Images

PhocalMedia – Arabianeye Collection – Arabian men and women in the workplace

Asia Images Group – Asian lifestyle and business images.

Lensy – Asian Stock Photography

Kosher Stock – Jewish Stock Photography

Salam Stock – a community of artists who contribute Muslim and Islam related media.


Small Things can create Big Change.

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