Intake Form

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
~ Albert Einstein

Depending on your industry, orientation and style, the type of intake you do will vary greatly. Make sure you take the time to determine what information do you need to know about your client up-front in order to create your case conceptualization and work with them effectively. 

For your reference, I have added two different versions of intake forms in this section. One is very detailed and the other, shorter and more general. Both have pros and cons. Consider how they can be adapted to your work.

Long Form

Template –> Client information – Long Form


  • A lot of detailed information right up front
  • Client is already having to do work before the first session
  • The form itself can provide insight to the clients


  • Can be a bit overwhelming for some people
  • No trust has been built
  • Client may censor self because they don’t know you yet

Short Form

Template –> Client Information – Short Form


  • Easier for clients to fill out
  • Quick to scan with client in front of you
  • General nature provides good jumping off points for deeper probing and connection building


  • Have to remember to cover all intake questions from memory instead of from form
  • May skip over important information that was missing unless specifically asked about