Initial Client Contact Form

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
~ Agatha Christie

It is important to have some type of screening process to determine if a potential client is the right fit for you.

Not everyone who reaches out will be an appropriate fit. Take some time now and decide what information do you need to know to determine if someone if a good fit for you?

I have provided an initial contact form template that can be adapted for your use to get you started here –> Initial Client Contact Form

Things you may want to consider:

  • Does the client’s concerns fall within your competencies?
  • Would you feel safe being alone in a room with this client?
  • Does the client have a realistic awareness of the problem? If not, do you feel you could help them with that?
  • Would this client need more support than you could offer currently/ever within your private practice?
  • Do you have room to accommodate new clients?
  • Considering case load management – do you have the mental energy to take on this client?