Multi-Profile Practice

You don’t have to be just one thing, but you need to start as something.
~ Clare Bowditch

See I told you we would get to this one!

So what happens if you have two or even more distinct client groups or specialities you want to work with? You do the exact same steps that we have just gone through, but for each distinct group.

What will happen is you end up writing different copy for your website speaking to each distinct group, you will probably have separate pages devoted to each group and you will be coming up with different marketing plans for each distinct group.

Now if you are just starting out, I really recommend just picking one to begin with for the following reasons:

  • It’s hard enough to do this once, doing this process multiple times while you’re learning can be a bit overwhelming
  • As mentioned before when we discussed niching, when you are building a reputation for yourself, it’s easier and faster to become known in one area, as opposed too many.
  • You may end up splitting your time and resources and not be able to devote the energy required to build the momentum you need in the beginning.

That said, once you get the ball rolling, it is quite simple to start layering a new profile on top of an existing structure. Just make sure you are not biting off more than you can chew in the very beginning.