Before taking the Private Practice Bootcamp, my practice was in its infancy, having secured space, a website, an eager attitude but no clients! I felt quite terrified but also excited to start my new adventure. Private Practice Bootcamp helped me gain the confidence I needed in myself, both personally and professionally, to launch a successful practice within months.

Since taking the program in the Spring of 2016, my practice has grown enough for me to be able to move it from a very part time venture, to a true career focus and I feel so proud of myself for this accomplishment. The most valuable thing I took from the program was learning to trust myself and the process. The practical and emotional learning I received from the program was immeasurable.

I now feel courageous in my pursuit of making my private practice a full-time endeavour, armed with the skills and support I received from Constance and my peers in the program. If you are looking for business support – take the program. If you are looking to examine your own barriers to success – take the program. If you want a well-rounded approach to starting your own business – start the Bootcamp program and throw yourself into the process. Your success awaits!

Jenny Blackberg, MA, RCC, CCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

It was a real pleasure to work with Constance. My counselling business benefitted immediately after I began to see her. Within one month of our work together, I have been busy–a real good busy. I am planning to take on a new day! 

She transformed how I saw my my practice. Now, I actively attract the clients that I work best with when, previously, I felt like a flag and my business just went where the wind blew. Thank you Constance for helping me give direction to my private practice.

Christian Monks, MA, RCAT, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor & Art Therapist