Write your Story

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
~ Oscar Wilde

For extra bonus points his week, I am going invite you to create a second version of your bio as well. This one is more informal, more about the personal journey you have taken in becoming the person you are today.


Note: this usually ends up being a separate page on your website, or distinct from your bio. Most of the directories have a word limit and you want to use those to direct people to your website so they can then find out more information there.


As much as client’s want to know you are qualified to work with their struggles, they also want to know a little bit about you as a person. This is an excellent way to build connection with potential clients. For this I recommend writing in first person and speak directly to your audience.


Think of it like a personal letter to your clients.


Share any aspects of your story that feel comfortable and appropriate for your clients to know, while making sure whatever you share is applicable to your population.


Again, this is you telling your story for your client’s benefit, not for yours.


Do you have personal experience with the same struggles as your clients? You may or may not want to share this. Consider your population and your own personal boundaries around that disclosure.


This would be a great place to talk about why you do this kind of work. What drew you to your work?


You may want to speak about what inspires you in this work and/or your personal views around health and healing.


Remember, this should read like a story. Start at the beginning (as it would be relevant to your clients), and then lead your clients through your story as you transitioned to being the person and therapist you are today.


Include a few personal aspects about yourself that you would be ok sharing. For example:

  • Do you hike on the weekends?
  • Do you love baking?
  • Are you a champion Kick-boxer?
  • Do you have children?
  • Do you volunteer with any organizations?
  • etc.

Any hobbies, activities, or interests that you can share helps to humanize you and allows clients to find points of connection.

Your clients are looking for a professional but, especially in this work, they are looking for a person. Sharing a bit about who you really are helps clients feel comfortable and confident about choosing you.


Action Item: Post your story in the group for feedback.