A Day in the Life of your Ideal Client

The golden rule for every business person is this: ‘Put yourself in your customer’s place’. ~ Orison Swett Marden

Once you have described in detail who your ideal client is, we are going to take it one step further.

I want you to see the world through their eyes for a day.

Imagine a typical day in the life of your ideal client and walk yourself through every aspect.

What time to do they wake up?
What do they eat for breakfast?
Do they even eat breakfast?
What type of toothpaste do they use?
What time do they go to work?
Do they work?
How do they get there?
What clothes are they wearing?
How do they interact with their world?

Keep going through their entire day.  No detail is too small.

Aim to understand who they are on a deeper level.

Do they only use natural products?
Do they drive a sports car or ride a bike?
Do they do daily yoga or never leave the house? Etc.

The more you can get inside the life of your ideal client, you will better understand what drives them, what inspires them and how you can fit into their world. This exercise is going to help you gain insight into your clients days and will shine light on how you can fit into their life in a more natural way when building your marketing plan and creating your website.

Action Item:

In your journal or in the worksheets, follow your client through their day. See where they go and what they do.